Innovation Accelerated. Industry Compliant.
Without replacing, upgrading or re-implementing your PLM or ERP, imagine if you could
Collaboratively manage requests and material information with R&D, sales, marketing and your customers for new development, pricing, samples, presentations and changes

Collaboratively create and manage all operational specifications with secure visibility to R&D, quality, compliance, purchasing and operations

Collaboratively manage requests, documents and information with R&D, suppliers, quality and compliance for requests, samples, documents, audits and recertification’s

Become Safe Quality Food Level 3 compliant

Collaboratively manage requests, documents and information with copackers, tollers and 3rd party testers on formulas, packaging, testing, labels and other documents

Incorporate integrated document management within your organization

Create recipes from new or existing formulas


Oak Barrel Software is a services and product solution provider to the process industry. We help our clients improve productivity, effectiveness, compliance and profitability utilizing our unique capabilities, experience and suite of products.

We are an approved Value Added Reseller and Solutions Partner of Infor10 PLM for Process. Our team designed the product and we continue to provide value through implementations and customized solutions. We have developed a best practices approach to increase the value of first time implementations and provide value throughout the lifetime of the product.

Case Studies
A global paint company uses Oak Barrel’s Distributed Rollup Engine to stay in compliance while accelerating product development..
A major food company uses the ’Interactive Publishing’ feature of Oak Barrel’s Dynamic Publisher to quickly and efficiently bridge..
A global paint company uses Oak Barrel’s Cost Modeler with their PLM and ERP data to offset rising commodity costs and reduce the risk..